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Selling Art on the Internet

Open up to new contacts!

You work as an independent artist and want to extend your contacts, make yourself better known and find new customers?

The presentation of art online is becoming ever more important.  Where else can artist and customer meet and interact at any time of day?

Sell your works to people who, like you, love art. Customers interested in investing in art are only a click away. Potential customers can contact you directly.

Give it a go, it doesn’t get any easier!

ARTRIKAT 3.0 uses newest technology to present art online in ways that are aesthetically pleasing, and simultaneously informative. The website adapts to all different screen sizes: if at the desk, on the couch, or on the go, ARTRIKAT is available anywhere, anytime!

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Testimonial für ARTRIKAT von Martina Reis

ARTRIKAT - The virtuel art gallery

In the virtual gallery ARTRIKAT you present your works in an environment similar to a joint exhibition. You profit from the contacts of others and can so make new ones, which are new potential buyers.

A highlight of ARTRIKAT is that it allows the artist and customer to establish direct contact. ARTRIKAT also does not benefit from your sales revenue and is not involved in the making of the deal, but leaves the transaction entirely to the artist.

Only you as the artist, are responsible for the sale of your works.



Buying high-quality art directly from the studio

The special thing about ARTRIKAT is that we have adapted our online gallery to the needs of our artists. ARTRIKAT is a virtual gallery, with many rooms, in which each artist gets enough room for their own presentation.

ARTRIKAT’s latest feature is the hyperlink to the studio- site. Here the individual artists can write about themselves and their art. They can also post pictures and videos of their studio and work. This link can be used for self-marketing. For example, you could insert it into your email signature, or send it directly to customers.

Your privacy is important to us. You decide which contact data or telephone number you want to make open to the public.

Special art for special people

ARTRIKAT, the virtual gallery

Use the opportunities given to you by modern technology. We provide you with an online platform and the sale of your works is left to you as the artist.

As a ‘provider’ on ARTRIKAT you have lots of space to display and describe your works, as well as to give some information about yourself. Exhibition dates, Curriculum Vitae, and contact information etc. can be can be independently entered and changed whenever you wish.

You want to exchange or extend works? This is possible anytime and free of charge. Hyperlinks to individual websites or shops are possible and definitely advisable.  A new feature is the link to your own artist profile. Here you can inform potential customers of exhibitions, publications, or other recent events.

Have you already decided? Then get started and become a member!
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