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Investing in art

Discover high-quality, contemporary art

If at home, in the office or the restaurant, in a waiting room or reception area - an original shines with personality and singularity. On the ARTRIKAT website, you will only find unique pieces, or prints in limited availability.

Furthermore, what’s special about ARTRIKAT is that you will be able to establish a direct contact with the artists.

Art for connoisseurs

…is found increasingly online.

ARTRIKAT, as a virtual gallery, helps you save time. In a relaxed atmosphere, you can browse the site, supported by intuitive search and filter options.

As someone who is interested in art, you can register free of charge and easily create a list of your favourite pieces. After that you can create a direct link to the artists in whose work you are interested.

Art - Cooperation

Since 2012, ARTRIKAT has worked with the chair of art at the University of Osnabrűck.

The art portal is supported by the university in the verification of the quality of the art it offers.

The best art students in the individual years are nominated for the Piepenbrock prize for arts at the Osnabrűck University. In 2012 for the first time, and often since, works that were credited with the Piepenbrock prize were presented on the ARTRIKAT website.

Art that will amaze you

Find art that will amaze you. Discover works by established artists and extraordinary young artists with potential on the ARTRIKAT website.

Take the direct contact to the artists whose works interest you – it is only a click away – discover more about works, techniques and intentions. 

Art direct

ARTRIKAT is direct. You decide if and when you contact an artist. The named prices, should they be stated, are without commission because ARTRIKAT is not involved in the sale of the artworks- an advantage for you as a customer.

The studio is just a click away. It doesn’t get any easier!

Buying art online. It doesn’t get any easier!
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