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Creative Inspirations

Book recommendations and more

Inspirations are something wonderful. Out of nowhere, they flow out of you and make something new. But sometimes the source dies down and then finding inspiration becomes hard work.

We draw inspiration from what we experience every day, from many small and big things. And it’s of course the experience that each and every one of us collects in his or her life that makes creativity sprout. Mostly, the creative thought is already hidden deep in us and only needs to be awakened.

It does not always have to be a visit to an art museum. Sometimes it is banal everyday conversation. Someone may have a muse kissing him … If that’s not there right now, you’ll find a small selection of books and films that we like or inspire ourselves.

If you have any suggestions as to what must be shown here, please contact us at

We are open to any suggestion 🙂

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