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Art with the potential of different genres

Quality and unique items

Discover high quality contemporary art.

ARTRIKAT's virtual gallery allows you to find original pieces and limited prints. What makes it exceptional is the direct connection with the artists.

The value of the unique item

Selling art on the internet is nothing new anymore. Since its beginning in 2010, however, ARTRIKAT has made high demands on the quality of the artworks. To ensure this, we have been working together since 2012 with the Department of Art at the University of Osnabrück.

In addition to works by established artists, we also show promising student works by young artists on ARTRIKAT.


Art with potential

If you want to invest in art, you will find potential works here.

Is not it exciting to follow the development of an artist whose work you like? And who knows what your art investment will be worth in ten years?

List of all artists

Multifaceted collection

The catalog of ARTRIKAT covers very different genres. So you will find paintings, drawings and sculptures, photographs and prints in limited editions as well as installations and comics.

The themes and motifs are as varied and individual as the artists themselves: landscapes, still lifes, portraits, abstracts, figurative, nudes, architectural collages, expressionistic or surreal.


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Your Advantages

For art lovers and collectors, the registration is done with a few clicks and permanently free.

As a member, you can create a comfortable list of the works of art you prefer and get in direct contact with the artists.

In addition, we recommend our newsletter for art lovers, which informs about news on ARTRIKAT and the art world four to six times a year.


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The naming of the Kunstportal, whose development began in 2009, was an emblematic birth. Many Internet addresses with the terms art were already taken. Many term combinations seemed to be too complicated and bad to remember.

The birth of the name ARTRIKAT overtook initiator Kerstin Thieler overnight. Since the project was designed for the long term from the outset, ARTRIKAT was secured as a brand.


The distinguishing feature

A unique selling point of ARTRIKAT: We have tailored our art portal to the individual needs of our artists, whom we have been accompanying for several years now. ARTRIKAT is a virtual art house with many facets, in which each artist has plenty of room for his own presentation: similar to a joint exhibition in which one can benefit from the network of others and thus expand his circle of contacts.

New on ARTRIKAT 3.0 is the short link to the artist and studio page. Here, every artist can write more about himself, photos and even videos from his studio and set to his work. The practical short link to the personal artist page can be used in many ways: on business cards, flyers, posters, in the e-mail signature or as a link for potential buyers.

Another special feature: Interested parties and artists communicate directly with each other. ARTRIKAT is not an intermediary and does not participate in the sale proceeds. We leave the business in the hands of the artists.


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More about ARTRIKAT

Do you want to participate in the development of our virtual art house ARTRIKAT and, for example, to be informed about new artists in our portfolio? Then subscribe to our newsletter!


The newsletter is published four to six times a year – so in a reasonable period. We attach great importance to transparency and privacy. Do you have any questions or suggestions? We are very happy if you contact us and write us.



Meaning of the name

ARTRIKAT consists of three segments, with segments 1 and 2 dividing one letter:

  • ART: We do not have to explain that 🙂
  • TRI: The tri / tree people behind the virtuell art house: Kerstin Thieler, Liane Hellmund, Michael R. Fuchs
  • KAT: It means unique – Unikat in German.

Even the name ARTRIKAT is unique.

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